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Welcome to Winner Italia S.r.l. web site. Browsing within the various categories, you'll discover all our services, you'll give a face to all the members of our staff, you'll see the photos of our best work, read the opinion of our customers and get in touch with us.

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Who we are

Winner Italia is born in 2007 and is one of the leader companies in Italy for the production and marketing of custom-made products for the communication and the awards.

Our operative and logistics centre, located in Rome, allows the customer to interface directly with the production, totally integrated, and to interact with our commercial office for clarifications, orders and the management of the work.
At the disposal of our customers we have in the head office a show room of more than 200 sqm where it is possible “to touch with hand and see” our products. Furthemore our recent opening in Milan of another new office grants a coverage and a capillary assistance also in the North of Italy.
Our numbers are:

  • 6.000 sqm of operative and productive structure

  • over 30 people of staff

  • over 300 customers

  • over 5 millions of sold products each year

What we do

We offer to our customers the following products and services:

  • Gift and Gadget: ideation, proposal and realization

  • Clothing corporate promotion and private label

  • Prizes and awards of any kind and material

  • Creation and management of merchandising possibilities

  • Loyalties catalogues and websites B2B or B2C

  • Products for the visual communication

P Production Projects

On-line catalogues

We can support you in the creation of your e-commerce, studying with you the best design and using innovative technical solutions. The web platform will be realized according to your requirements, both if they are addressed to the B2B or B2C channels.


Integrated logistics

Thanks to our internal store of more than 2500 sqm we deal entirely with all the operations of production, storage, warehousing and logistics granting the best possible time and low costs.

COur clients

Last news
01 March
Opening of the Milan office

Opening of our Milan Winner Italia office.

01 April
Sponsor and supplier for Tour of Italy 100 Years

We are proud to announce that Winner Italia is Giro d'Italia sponsor.

06 March
Sponsor and suppier for Race for the Cure Susan G.Komen

Sponsor and suppier for Race for the Cure Susan G.Komen

01 March
On line the B2B store Eurobet

It's finally on line the B2B store Eurobet